Meagan’s 200hr  yoga teacher training - I don’t know where to begin to explain how amazing Meagan’s teacher training is. She has taught me more about myself than I have ever known (in 50 years!!). I feel more self-confident, better able to express myself, and better able to let my inner weirdness shine and to be my true self!! Uncovering and delving into what makes us who we are, you will not only learn how to lead a yoga class but how to lead a more confident life. Meagan has empowered us with the tools needed to not only plan and teach every kind of yoga class you can think of but more importantly has given us the tools on how to be present, connect with our students, and to stay grounded when teaching. This is a unique class that will leave you wanting more and wishing it wouldn’t end. I am eternally grateful to Meagan and am so glad the universe has led me down this path!”

“Meagan is lovely and full of joy. She made Yoga training in November one of the best experiences in my life. When I signed up for training and was told we would be in a Tipi I questioned it......ALOT. It was by far the most magical training I could have gotten and being in a Tipi was even better. You will love every minute (even the uncomfortable ones) by taking a course with Meagan”


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