The JOY Approach was created by Meagan Fettes and is an effective and unique approach that generates lasting results.  Through her knowledge in Psychology, Holistic Coaching, Yogic Philosophy and Biology, Meagan has blended several techniques into one question based coaching approach.


What is coaching?


Empowered approach to regaining your personal power


Thought and action restructuring to support alignment with your goals


Education on manifestation and how to structure your mental faculties to create results

Universal Law

Understanding the Universal Laws and how to implement them into your life


Shifting on a cellular level into a JOY vibration 

Understand how thoughts become things

Your brain is an incredible machine and within it you have the capacity to imagine, build and create life.

Many people go throughout their days thinking that they are using their mental faculty, when in fact they are just engaging into chatter.

When you learn what your values are and you generate the mental discipline to generate an image within your mind of what you would like to create, you have began to tap into the endless potential and magic within yourself.

Now image and discipline are not enough to manifest and shift habits... there must be a cellular shift within your body and an activation within your heart to stimulate the ability for the Universe to co-create with you.

That is why The JOY Approach is so effective as it blends Mind, Body and Heart into one to create true, lasting results in all areas of your life!

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What will you gain from The JOY Approach

  • Raise your vibration and begin living the life of your dreams NOW!

  • Get clear on your business and how to take productive thought and actions to support active growth in your business

  • Share your message and get clients

  • Have fun while exploring the depths of business and personal life

  • Become a top influence in your field while being balanced in your life and relationships

  • How to gain momentum fast

  • Shift into JOY on a cellular level

  • Understand the Manifestation process and how to effectively use it to live the life you desire

  • Bridge the creative thinking process to add high value to your clients, business and the world

If you are ready to support your students to make radical shifts BOOK Meagan to speak at YOUR event today!