Meagan is known as the Yoga coach, teaching world-wide tools that Yoga Instructors can use to access greater abundance and success in their lives.  She breaks down the science and fundamentals of our mind, holding patterns and vibrational shifts to support people in stepping into a higher potential and live with more fulfilling relationships and work life.  Meagan’s teachings come from a deep understanding of Yoga Philosophy and embodying the skills of balancing our lower and higher minds to live a life with ease, balance and abundance.

For over 15 years Meagan has taught Yoga and coached other Yoga Instructors how to live from a heart space and utilize the skills of visualization and manifestation to create the life they desire.  She is a highly sought-after teacher with Yoga and Philosophy and continues to share her passion while empowering others to see what is possible for them in their lives.

Meagan is invested in the lives of others and feels incredibly fulfilled to guide and hold space for the growth of people around the world.  After years of challenges from drug abuse to financial struggle, she made the decision to change her life through understanding the body, mind and spirit and through the power of implementation and consistency shifted many things in her life. 

Currently living in Alberta with her two young boys and husband, Meagan is currently expanding her business as an international best-selling author and creating online and audio programs to offer the skills from Yoga Philosophy and Somatics to support the evolution and growth and generate more accessibility to people around the world.